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About NERA

As climate-neutral as possible, chemical-free and waste-free treatment of wastewater containing heavy metals, creating material cycles for the precipitated heavy metals, phosphorus and water

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Project Content

Reactor systems and process solutions are being developed, a demonstration plant built and tested in long-term operation at the Volkswagen plant in Braunschweig. The results of the investigations will be used to develop a forward-looking wastewater management concept.

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Project Team

A total of five project partners from research and industry pool their competences in the NERA project


Welcome to the website of the research project NERA

NERA stands for “Zero-emission raw water production in the automotive industry”


NERA is a research and development project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the funding program “Water Technologies:Reuse” and is supervised by the Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (KIT-PTKA).


Project Duration:
01.02.2021 – 31.10.2024


Funding Code:


Project Coordination:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Sievers
Clausthal Research Center for Environmental Technologies of TU Clausthal


Project Objective:
The aim of the NERA project is the development and the (pilot) technical implementation of a climate-friendly and resource-saving wastewater treatment for an industrial water cycle up to Zero-Liquid-Discharge (ZLD).