Project Content

The overall objective of the NERA project is the semi-technical testing and implementation of a climate-neutral, chemical- and waste-free treatment of wastewater partial flows from the metal processing industry.


Sub-objectives of the project are:

  • Development, optimization and evaluation of an electrochemical precipitation process for the efficient removal and recovery of heavy metals
  • Development of a process extension for the recovery of phosphates low in heavy metals
  • Development of a pilot-scale electrolysis reactor system to minimise power consumption and avoid scaling
  • Demonstration of sustainable wastewater treatment for low-salt raw water production on a pilot scale (approx. 8,000 m3/a)
  • Optimisation and evaluation of the recyclability of the precipitation products
  • Optimisation and evaluation of raw water production for industrial water loop closure
  • Development/adaptation of a wastewater management concept considering the new electrochemical treatment options